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The Moviola

I’ve embarked on a new project, a documentary about the craft of editing films on the Moviola – capturing the process from the lab to screening. Walter Murch has written the treatment and will be filmed as the editor working with the Moviola, and Mike Leigh has kindly allowed us access to his films from which to get a new 35mm print for Walter to edit.

I’m new to the Moviola. Until this project I’d only seen photos of them online. I made my first “film” (being generous to call it that) with a programme on an Atari ST called Deluxe Paint. It featured a timeline and allowed me to edit a series of pictures in sequence, and we recorded it to VHS tape.

When I properly started to learn about video and film, I began with Adobe Premiere 4 on a Mac at College, before teaching myself Final Cut Pro 3 at University. Later I was trained in Avid. I didn’t get to cut physical film until I worked at Double Negative, where I was introduced to a 35mm Steenbeck and spent as many opportunities as I could cutting print VFX rushes for big feature films including The Dark Knight and HellBoy II.

It has been a rather fun opportunity to step into the world of an editing system and workflow that I am unfamiliar with. Walter has provided me with a detailed description of how each stage worked and the equipment required – joiners and splicers are all fine, even chinagraph pencils! But rubber numbering machines? Synchronisers? I didn’t even know audio used to be recorded onto 35mm film – I thought it was magnetic tape, or onto the film itself.

As I’ve been locating and buying the required equipment I was certain I would have to find someone who could lend us a Moviola to work on, because I wouldn’t ever find one for sale. I was offered Stanley Kubrick’s, very kindly by his estate, although I would have to ship it from Frankfurt and it may not be fully working. So imagine my surprise and good fortune when I found one for sale at a price I could afford, only two hours from my home!

So now my living room is currently home to an Acmade Rubber Numbering Machine, and a 35mm Moviola! We still have more kit to find, but this was one item I was very concerned about, which is now no longer a worry!

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