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2001 Slitscan Recreation for BBC’s The One Show

2001 Slitscan Recreation for BBC’s The One Show

BBC, 2001: A Space Odyssey “Stargate sequence recreation”.

I was approached, upon the recommendation of Katharina Kubrick, to recreate the Stargate sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey, using traditional techniques – as close to the original method as possible. This was to be for a special report on BBC One’s “The One Show“, which regularly attracts 5-7 million viewers.

As part of the shoot, I worked with the Film and TV technical staff – Paul Roberts and Matthew Welch – to devise the method of recreating the slit-scan – and also consulted with the original inventor, Douglas Trumbull. A team of three students worked with me over four days to create the 40 seconds of footage we produced.

After the technical shoot, the BBC came to the University to film us performing the shoot, and to interview me and Katharina Kubrick. The completed report will be screened on The One Show in June 2018.


September 23, 2018